“My quality of life has improved tremendously after switching to Oticon Agil Pro Mini hearing aids. My old hearing aids left me unable to hear and participate in conversations, but it has never been the case with the Oticons. Not only do the Oticons help me in face-to-face conversations, but also the blue tooth technology makes using the cell phone easier than ever before. I would highly recommend my aids to anyone looking to improve their hearing, as it has drastically improved both my hearing and quality of life.

My experience at Hearing Aid Technology Center of Southbury has been nothing less than excellent. Between the staff’s friendly demeanor and knowledge about different hearing aids, I could not have gone wrong. They helped me find the hearing aid that was best for me, and keep good maintenance through regular cleaning and maintenance. I would highly recommend Hearing Aid technology Center of Southbury to anyone looking to improve their hearing.”

– Ray N., Southbury patient


“Dear Joe,

Thanks for noticing the vast improvement in my hearing. It was noisy in the restaurant but I had no problems hearing you & Frank. I owe it all to my new Digital devices and the extremely professional diagnosis, testing and follow-up adjustments I received by Carol at the Hearing Technology Center of Southbury.

Carol has been taking care of my hearing needs for almost ten years and I am very confident that I’m getting the best advice & treatment possible.

Sorry you have not been using your device for several years. Sounds like it’s time to do something about it.

Check out their website at WWW.HearCT.com

If you decide to call Hearing Technology of CT, ask for an appointment with Carol and be sure to say I recommended her. I think the hearing test is free.

Carol Maksimow, Audioprothologist (and Owner)
Hearing Technology Center of Southbury
1449 Old Waterbury Road, Suite 303 (near Exit 16, I – 84)
Southbury, CT 06488

Happy Hearing : – )”

– Don S., Southbury patient

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How would you rate your experience.. 1 – poor 5 – excellent

Richard G. – The Personal Service – 5

Lorraine – Carol, You are our Angel! – 5

Jan G. – EVERYTHING! Carol is the BEST. Goes Above & Beyond to help you. Judy is GREAT, too.  5

Edward N. – Good Explanation of the Procedure. Prompt Service. I would recommend to others.

Deborah J. – Hearing Aids have made my life so much better. I no longer have to strain to hear and I have so much more energy!! Meeting and Luncheon/Dinner settings are now a pleasure.  5

Richard A. – Very caring people. A breath of fresh air     5++

Lorraine C. – Carol, you are indeed our angel! Thank you for being you!    5

Henry M. – They made my life better because I can hear a lot better.  They are the best.  I would recommend them to anyone.    5

Diane S. – Personnel extremely gracious- great attention to detail     5

Evelyn C. – The patience and understanding from     5

Valerie G. – Hearing Aids have made my social life and chorus life so much more enjoyable and successful.  My family and friends appreciate the investment I made in my hearing.    5

Nick V. – Professionalism        4

Bob S. – Carol’s advice and counsel!  Office appearance and snacks. Judy’s kindness, always     5

Len K. – Carol really wants to help her patients- it is the main priority and only priority.  Makes for a really good feeling for the patient.  

Hester G. – Excellent job- knows their profession- great service

George F. – Extremely helpful and excellent service.  Spending time in the waiting area was the best part of my day.

Joanne G. – Judy and Ally are “angels” courteous, helpful, and professional  

Myriam R. – The staff is very helpful and two people in particular, which are Judy and Ally.  They are great, they always take the time to listen to my concerns. 

Tom B. – Great products.  Carol is a really great audiologist     5

Cheryl Ann – The informative luncheon/seminar is very comfortable.  The staff is very personable.  They make you feel important, prepared to meet your needs and are encouraging.  Very gracious, understanding office.

Henry C. –  I can now enjoy a movie or conversation.  These are much better than my old aids.   

Hester G. – Changed my tubes, excellent job. Knows their profession. Great Service!!

Joanne G. – Judy and Jessica are “Angels”, Courteous, Helpful and Professional  

Chuck H – Friendly, Professional Service, Carol and her staff know their business