Hearing Protection is Important

Hearing loss is a common occurrence these days, with 36 million people in America being affected by it. This problem is especially common in the elderly population, with 50% of people aged 75 and above being affected by hearing loss. The strange thing about hearing loss is that it can actually be prevented in some cases.

We live in a noisy world; from the moment we open our eyes to the moment we are asleep, we encounter various degrees of noise. In fact, even when we are asleep, our ears are still working to filter out the sounds we continue to hear, such as the humming of a fan or the buzzing of an air conditioner. With so much noise all around us, it is no wonder that noise induced hearing loss is so common these days.

Protect Your Hearing

We cannot avoid noises on a daily basis since we are constantly surrounded by them. However, we CAN take steps to protect our hearing from any potential damage due to these noises. Simple practices of safe listening can go a long way in protecting your ears. Turn down the volume of your personal audio and video device to a moderate level not exceeding 60%. Always wear auditory protection such as earplugs or earmuffs before exposing yourself to dangerously loud noises, such as during music concerts, sporting events, or using power tools. Your hearing is precious, and once it is lost it can never regenerate. Take care of your delicate hearing while you still can.

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Take the next step!

We can help you to prevent hearing loss.

Custom Earmolds

Earmolds are hearing protection aids that are designed to fit your specific ear shape. They are especially useful in blocking out noise and are available in a myriad of models. They can be firm or pliable, as per your preference. You can either purchase a full shell variety or a half shell variety. The difference between the two is that a full shell earmold protects you from extremely high sound levels and half shell earmolds are designed to protect you from noises ranging in the medium levels. Talk to your audiologist about the earmold that would suit your own specific hearing protection requirements.

Due to the very nature of earmolds being designed to fit unique ears, it is important to get customized earmolds that would fit you comfortably. Some earmolds enable you to hear speech and music clearly while blocking out louder, dangerous levels of sound. They can be electronic as well, and can even be worn over earbuds that come with your personal audio device.

Custom Earplugs

Earplugs are usually more well-known and more widely used as a mode of hearing protection. Earplugs too can be either hard or foamy, as per your preference. Earplugs are usually worn within the ear canal and block sound from entering it. Customized earplugs enable some sounds to pass through while filtering out other dangerous, high-pitched sounds. These can help you communicate better while giving you adequate hearing protection.

Customized earplugs are far more comfortable and are designed to suit your specified hearing requirements. In professions where hearing is essential, such as the medical profession or even for musicians, customized earplugs are recommended. Customized earplugs can even have cords or handles attached to them that make them easier to remove. Your hearing is a gift that you may lose if you leave it unprotected, so make sure you protect your ears the next time you attend for favorite sporting event or music concert. Get your hearing tested once a year to detect any early signs of hearing damage and use hearing protection on a regular basis.

Recreational Products

Certain activities you enjoy can cause long-term damage and hearing loss down the road due to high decibel levels. Your hearing is important make sure you take care of it! We offer hearing protection products which are specifically designed to protect your ears from preventable hearing loss.

  • Musician Hearing Protection
  • Hunter’s Ear
  • Swimmer Ear

Do not let daily activities whether at work or for fun jeopardize your hearing health. Hearing protection is an efficient way of protecting your hearing and those of your loved ones.