How would you rate your experience.. 1 – poor 5 – excellent

Richard G. – The Personal Service – 5

Lorraine – Carol, You are our Angel! – 5

Jan G. – EVERYTHING! Carol is the BEST. Goes Above & Beyond to help you. Judy is GREAT, too.  5

Edward N. – Good Explanation of the Procedure. Prompt Service. I would recommend to others.

Deborah J. – Hearing Aids have made my life so much better. I no longer have to strain to hear and I have so much more energy!! Meeting and Luncheon/Dinner settings are now a pleasure.  5

Richard A. – Very caring people. A breath of fresh air     5++

Lorraine C. – Carol, you are indeed our angel! Thank you for being you!    5

Henry M. – They made my life better because I can hear a lot better.  They are the best.  I would recommend them to anyone.    5

Diane S. – Personnel extremely gracious- great attention to detail     5

Evelyn C. – The patience and understanding from     5

Valerie G. – Hearing Aids have made my social life and chorus life so much more enjoyable and successful.  My family and friends appreciate the investment I made in my hearing.    5

Nick V. – Professionalism        4

Bob S. – Carol’s advice and counsel!  Office appearance and snacks. Judy’s kindness, always     5

Len K. – Carol really wants to help her patients- it is the main priority and only priority.  Makes for a really good feeling for the patient.  

Hester G. – Excellent job- knows their profession- great service

George F. – Extremely helpful and excellent service.  Spending time in the waiting area was the best part of my day.

Joanne G. – Judy and Ally are “angels” courteous, helpful, and professional  

Myriam R. – The staff is very helpful and two people in particular, which are Judy and Ally.  They are great, they always take the time to listen to my concerns. 

Tom B. – Great products.  Carol is a really great audiologist     5

Cheryl Ann – The informative luncheon/seminar is very comfortable.  The staff is very personable.  They make you feel important, prepared to meet your needs and are encouraging.  Very gracious, understanding office.

Henry C. –  I can now enjoy a movie or conversation.  These are much better than my old aids.   

Hester G. – Changed my tubes, excellent job. Knows their profession. Great Service!!

Joanne G. – Judy and Jessica are “Angels”, Courteous, Helpful and Professional  

Chuck H – Friendly, Professional Service, Carol and her staff know their business