“My husband and I both had our hearing tested. We were both extremely pleased with the detailed explanation of the tests, also caring attitude of everyone. They went above and beyond all expectations. ”

Alice & Ron B. of New Preston Marble Dale, CT

“Irene was very professional, knowledgeable and personable and a pleasure to work with. ”

Alan R. of Poughquag, NY

“Excellent. ”

Venkata M. of Brookfield, CT

“Everything was better than I would expect. Fantastic. Irene was wonderful. ”

Dan M. of New Milford, CT

“Judy is great! ”

Barbara F. of New Milford, CT

“Wonderful - could not have been better!! Seriously, Irene is a very special person and superb at her job! ”

Terry R. of Brookfield, CT

“Irene is excellent, as also the other people. Good listeners, very knowledgeable and friendly, and very knowledgeable doing their business. ”

Deane M. of Litchfield, CT

“Advice for others - come in for evaluation. Be open for change, listen!! Now that I hear well, I'm not left out. Thanks to Irene and Veralyn. ”

Russell G. of West Cornwall, CT

“Veralyn is one of the most professional and pleasant person I've dealt with in my long life. ”

Charles H L. of Washington, CT

“Irene was great to work with and very thorough. I felt I was in good, competent hands. I will recommend your company to friends and family. ”

Ron R. of New Milford, CT

“An exceptional experience: Susan Chin was informative, caring, thorough, helpful, unique as a specialist. ”

Trudy K. of Lakeville, CT

“Excellent in every way! A+++”

Harvey K. of Lakeville, CT

“My experience was great! Whole experience. Thank you. ”

Harvey T. of New Milford, CT

“Judy is always professional and we look forward to her wonderful nature. ”

Bob C. of New Milford, CT

“My experience was excellent. People were knowledgeable and most friendly. Highly recommend. ”

William F. of New Milford, CT

“Personal service is superior! ”

Donald C. of Kent, CT

“I like that I can listen to music, hear conversations. ”

Charles D. of Gaylordsville, CT

“I liked the expert guidance, warm friendly atmosphere and what turned out to be a quite simple solution to my recent awareness of insufficient hearing in same social situation!”

Barbara L C.

“What I like best is that I can hear! ”

Helen D. of Washington, CT

“I liked that I didn't have to wait. ”

Ruth B. of Goshen, CT

“Lovely service, nice people. ”

Collette W. of Washington Depot, CT

“I liked her expertise, patience. ”

James A O. of New Milford, CT

“The people who helped us with my husbands hearing problem were so great about everything, including the millions of questions we had. The whole experience was a relief. ”

Mary R. of Kent, CT

“I like being able to hear again...I am extremely hard of hearing. Before meeting Carol, I missed out on everything. I went to one of her seminars and after the meeting was over, she had me come back to the office and try a pair of aids. For the 1st time in a long, long time I was able to hear. I was so happy I cried. Thank you Carol. You and your team are the best. ”

Kimberly C. of New Milford, CT

“Very thorough exam. Veralyn is very patient! ”

Jay M. of Roxbury, CT

“My audiologist was very knowledgeable and has extensive training in all types of issues that hearing impairment poses and she actually knows sign language which is a good skill to possess. ”

Susan M. of New Milford, CT

“Super friendly and professional. Can't wait to be able to hear again!”

Gale C. of New Milford, CT

“Just fantastic! Veralyn and Judy are so helpful and professional and Lisa is extremely helpful with scheduling! ”

Mark S. of Washington, CT

“Just fantastic! Veralyn and Judy are so helpful and professional, and Lisa is extremely helpful with scheduling! ”

Mark S. of Washington, CT

“This is the 3rd time I purchased hearing aids from Hearing Tech Center. Always a professional climate and excellent service. Veralyn Davee is great as always. I will recommend. ”

Alfonse C. of New Milford, CT

“I feel I understand how to use my new hearing aids. She explained everything to me. ”

Dolores A. of Bronx, NY

“I'm delighted and keep "pushing" getting hearing aids early on. ”

Helen D. of Washington, CT

“Thorough, excellent attention, comfortable and attention listening to me by Judy Dunnell. Good, clear explanation of how to take care of my hearing aids, encouragement and cheerful interaction. ”

Barbara C. of New Milford, CT

“I guess the friendliness, respect and the outstanding knowledge here is what I like best. They are very understanding and helpful. Vera Lyn is extremely helpful, patient and compassionate. Everyone here is helpful and friendly. Vera Lyn takes great effort to help you hear better and leave satisfied. ”

Abe N. of Cornwall Bridge, CT

“Excellent product and service, especially rapid, courteous response to any questions or adjustments. ”

Donald C. of Kent, CT

“I liked the friendliness and competence. ”

Margaret A.

“I received excellent service. Veralynn Davee is knowledgeable and an excellent specialist. ”

Saun D. of New Milford, CT

“My experience was fine. My husband was impossible but Judy was infinitely pleasant and patient. ”

Linda P.

“I liked the friendly personal service the best. ”

William M. of Ridgefield, CT

“My husband accompanied my mother for her first appointment and he came back with my mother and said it was very thorough and the gentleman/doctor they met with was extremely thorough and they were thrilled with him. The facility did an awesome job! I just want to tell you that the gentleman/doctor that she met with twice was awesome! Shes a senior citizen and couldn't have asked for anyone better for her to be with! ”

Virginia S. of Pawling, NY

“It is so nice to hear the entire conversation instead of just certain words. I am very happy with my aid. I put it in and don't even know I have it, except that I hear much better.”

Gloria B. of New Milford, CT

“These people are really great! Glad I know them - really helpful.”

Carmine I. of New Milford, CT

“They offered suggestions / options until we found the right solution for me. The entire staff is first class!”

Albert D. of New Milford, CT

“Satisfied with the service. The hearing aids make a big difference in my life. It is good to know that I am not the only person with hearing help needs.”

Theresa H. of New Milford, CT

“The service my wife and I receive is always prompt and efficient.”

Dale S. of New Milford, CT

“Wonderful!! I can now have meaningful conversations with my children and the TV volume is at a normal level.”

Jean B. of New Milford, CT

“Testing was quick and easy. I have been bringing my mother there for years and they are always patient and kind. Good to know that my hearing so far is very good. Many thanks!”

Barbara B. of Washington, CT

“Testing was quick and easy. I have been bringing my mother there for years and they are always patient and kind. Good to know that my hearing so far is very good. Many thanks!”

Barbara B. of Washington, CT

“The service is professional, informative and friendly. I recommend coming to Hearing Aid Specialists.”

Glenn S. of Barranquitas, PR

“Service is very good! Beautiful office and very friendly people. I enjoyed the experience. ”

Theresa P. of New Milford, CT

“The staff is very friendly and they are very competent. Great experience!”

Nancy S. of Brookfield, CT

“Everything is good. First class! Very friendly, too. I would recommend them.”

Janet S. of New Milford, CT

“They are so friendly and they care. They listen to what you say. They work with you on any problem. I really look forward to my appointments. Lori & Scott are the best!”

Judy P. of New Milford, CT

“Their prompt service when there is a problem with my hearing aide is very reassuring. We need to hear all the time & not wait for it!”

Bill D. of Gaylordsville, CT

“Prompt service, pleasant, accommodating. Hearing better overall.”

Mildred C. of New Milford, CT

“Everyone there is so caring and helpful. Scott is wonderful. Laurie is wonderful.”

Linda B. of Bethel, CT

“They were very accommodating in helping me learn how to use, clean and preserve my new hearing aids. ”

Collette W. of Washington Depot, CT

“I like their good service and knowledgeable staff.”

Ray F. of Sharon, CT

“What I like best is the fact that I can now hear all the sounds that I have been missing and did not know it. I'm also enjoying conversation with others much better. It is a life changer. ”

Robert B. of Sherman, CT

“I have been using hearing aids for 4 years. The staff are very professional, trough and up to date on new tecknology. Scott has worked extensivly and patiently with me to make sure everything is right with my hearing aid. I highly recommend them.”

Jim M. of New Milford, CT

“They were courteous and gave good service. Knew what I was talking about.”

Mike G. of Danbury, CT
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